Legal Networks:  DCNC provides integration services, migration project management, network and desktop services and support to over 75 local law firms.  We pride ourselves in service to our clients. there is no middle-person. When you have a problem, you contact one of our engineers directly. We are committed to serving our clients quickly and efficiently.We offer the following legal computing services:
General Network Support, Networking Services, WORLDOX, TimeMatters, and Remote Network Access.

Certified Network Support Thoroughness is a MUST in the computer networking industry.  We are a group of highly trained and certified engineers and legal professionals who take pride in planning, implementing and supporting some of the most efficient and stable networks in Denver. 

We are proud to have the following qualifications:
Microsoft Certified System Engineers, Novell certified professionals, Cisco Certified Network Associates, TimeMatters Certified Professionals, WORLDOX Certified Professionals.

Network Implementation Thoroughness is a must in the computer networking industry. Proper start to finish planning, which often involves input from several engineers, goes into every installation. When planning our clients' networks, security and redundancy are two of the most important considerations. In most cases the data on a client's server is their most valuable asset. We treat it as such, guarding its confidentiality and integrity at every step.
We offer a full range of Network Services including: Microsoft Server, Workstation & Exchange, Novell & GroupWise, Cisco Routing, Citrix Server based Computing, Wide Area Networks, Security & Monitoring, Novell to Microsoft Migrations, GroupWise to Outlook Migrations, WORLDOX Document Management, TimeMatters & BillingMatters-Case Management.

Network Implementation WORLDOX: As network consultants, we have frequently been asked to find a document management solution that addresses all types of documents; electronic, paper and e-mail and still makes sense financially. After much research, we found WORLDOX to be the obvious choice. WORLDOX has revolutionized the DMS industry by providing a solution that scales functionally and financially from a single user all the way up to a 1000+ person firm. In many cases, we have found WORLDOX to be one-third the cost of other DMS products while still providing a rich feature-set designed specifically for the law office. In addition, we offer an end-to-end scanning solution for those firms wishing to take steps towards the "paperless office". Litigators will be pleased to know this solution allows for the generation of PDF archives that are completely word searchable.

Remote Access:  MAKE THE WORLD YOUR OFFICE. The ability to work from any location is not only nice, but for many is a necessity. We offer assistance with a full range of remote access services including: Outlook Web Access, PDA / PIMS , Remote Access Service (RAS), Virtual Private Network (VPN), WORLDOX Web, Citrix