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Network Design in Englewood, CO

At DCNC, we understand that the backbone of a successful business is a well-designed IT infrastructure. At DCNC, we craft dynamic network designs that provide businesses with unparalleled connectivity, security and operational ease.  


We provide scalable network design services to businesses in Englewood and the surrounding areas, acting as a trusted partner with decades of experience that provides connectivity and reliability with IT solutions that are specific to your business.  


If you’re looking to evolve your IT infrastructure in line with the latest digital and cybersecurity best practices, trust DCNC.  

What Are Network Design Services? 

Network design refers to the strategic planning and implementation of a company’s computer network infrastructure. This involves everything from hardware devices, software applications and data storage to servers, cybersecurity and connectivity solutions. Network design services aim to ensure seamless and efficient communication and data transfer within an organization across all digital touchpoints. 


At DCNC, the network design process involves cohesive collaboration between our team of IT experts and your team members in order to create a customized network architecture tailored to your specific needs and goals. We assess your existing IT infrastructure, consider your future growth plans, and design a network that optimizes performance, enhances security and supports your overall business objectives. 

Network Design in Englewood – What We Do 

We provide nothing short of a comprehensive network design service, offering unmatched support and guidance from the very first meeting. We not only assess your current IT network and discuss areas for improvement, but we also manage your IT infrastructure moving forward, taking a proactive approach to keep your operations up-to-date, efficient and above all, secure. 


  • Strategic planning and implementation: From the initial project scoping stages to final implementation, DCNC’s team of network engineers employ a phased approach to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth transition across every area of the new network. 
  • Customized expertise and consultation: We use our decades of expertise and knowledge to provide tailored features and functionalities aligned with your business objectives. 
  • Continuous intrusion detection: Our technicians integrate cutting-edge, multi-layered threat detection and prevention solutions, working 24/7/365 to safeguard your entire network against intrusions. 

Why Choose Network Design Services from DCNC? 

Here are some of the reasons so many small and medium-sized businesses in Englewood choose us for network design services:  


  • Network design and implementation experts: We have been a trusted partner for businesses across all aspects of the IT network since 1998, with specialists in every area of IT management, from the cloud to cybersecurity. Whatever your network needs are, we have a seasoned expert on hand to provide the intel needed to implement the tools necessary for you to reach your goals.  
  • Innovation-focused: We adopt an innovation-first approach to our network design services, meaning we always strive to proactively implement the latest technology to keep you one step ahead. 
  • Results-driven: During our consultation with you, we will determine your core goals and ensure your network design is geared toward achieving them.  

Industries We Work With 

Whether you’re a law firm with extensive client files that need to be accessed remotely and securely, or if you’re a real estate company looking to streamline your internal file sharing, we can help. Some of the industries we most commonly work with include:  

Communities We Serve 

We are proud to support businesses across the Englewood area and beyond. In addition to Englewood, we also provide cloud computing services in:  

  • Commerce 
  • Lakewood 
  • Wheat Ridge 
  • Aurora 
  • Welby 
  • Sherrelwood 
  • Littleton
  • Avrada
  • Colorado Springs
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