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7 Red Flags to Reduce Cyber Attack

John Podesta fell for a phishing attack, which led to the release of a decade’s worth of emails. The hacker posed as Google and alerted Podesta to change his password because of suspicious activity on his account. By clicking on the link within the email, hackers were granted full access to his inbox.

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Meet Our Team: Ann Tucker

Ann has been on the Help Desk teamsince September . Her position entails helping others with their technology needs. She has always loved computers and loves to help everyone as best as she possibly can. She has also spent years in Customer Service, which definitely helps her in this position.

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Meet Our Team: Cory Dible

Have you ever called the Help Desk and wondered who that incredibly helpful and friendly voice belonged to?  Well that would be Cory Dible.

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Meet Our Team: Jon Gretz

Jon Gretz, our Service Manager, has been with DCNC just over 2 years. Jon works to ensure that our in-house and field teams deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

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Meet Our Team: Rachel Yanez

Rachel has been the Administrative Assistant and one of the dispatchers at DCNC for over 3 years. If you have ever called the office or help desk, you have probably spoken with her.

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Are you doing everything you can to protect your work and personal data?

There has been a lot of publicity around the WannaCry Ransomware virus and we wanted to highlight some steps that everyone should take to ensure that they are doing their due diligences to prevent these types of malware infections at work and at home.

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Meet Our Team: Devon Liszka

 In his work as the Lead Help Desk technician, Devon Liszka is always happy to help our clients with any issues they’re having. You may remember him from calls like “My Outlook Isn’t Working”, “I can’t print”, and “My monitor is freaking out.” 

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Meet Our Team: Matt Herm

Matt recently joined DCNC as our Trainer and Application Support Specialist. He has over 15 years of experience working in law firms and corporate legal departments and jokingly claims to have been “everything but an attorney!”

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Meet Our Team: Lauren Wood

Lauren is DCNC’s Office Administrator- you may recognize her name from her monthly invoice emails!

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Why Business Continuity?

What would happen to your business if your server crashed and did not come back up? 

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Meet Our Team: Sam Granado

Field Engineer Sam the Man!

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Your IT Health: Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Staying Ahead of Trouble

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Meet Our Team: Kate Williams

Meet The Kate! Kate Williams is our Procurement Specialist here at DCNC.

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WEAR your Data!

Yep, you read that correctly. But no, it’s not what you think. It’s not a goofy jacket, a new watch, computer glasses, or a Virtual Reality headset. W.E.A.R. actually stands for Worldox Encryption at Rest. WEAR is one of the many amazing and very timely additions coming soon to the award-winning Worldox document management system. Being able to encrypt your data at rest (while not in use) is an important added layer of security in today’s world.

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Meet Our Team: Kasubi Manega

Meet our Help Desk lead, Kasubi Manega. His name is pronounced KAH-SU-BEE but people call him “Subi” for short.

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Welcome to the DCNC blog!

DCNC has decided to begin producing a blog to highlight advances and trends in the IT industry, as well as updates about the company itself. You can expect a few posts a month where we will provide our opinions and insights into current market trends along with others to tell you about where our company is headed and what we’ve been up to. Be sure to check in at least once a week to see if we have any new updates that might be interesting to you!

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