Why do you need to worry about getting cyber security support? According to recent data, SMBs with less than 250 people, are the target for cyber attackers to camp out on their systems for an average of 51 days.  That’s almost 2 months’ worth of business data that is exposed and mined for a variety of purposes.  In many cases, multiple threat actors may be accessing a network at the same time, invading your system trying to beat out their competition for valuable resources.  You need a plan in place and IT network support to evict these squatters.

Nobody would care about your data, right?  Wrong!

Hacker working at a computer.

You’re just a small business, with no valuable data that anyone else would want, right?!  Your files are full of technical or legal jargon that is of no interest to outsiders.




  • Do you have clients’ contact information stored on your networks?
  • Do you have case notes that could potentially compromise a client? Those proverbial skeletons in the closet or intellectual property?
  • Do you have payment information on file to make it more convenient for your clients to pay their bills?
  • Do you have the client’s social security numbers on tax returns in your files?
  • Maybe you simply do something as commonplace as communicating with your clients via email.

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar to you, you are at risk of falling prey to a cyber-attack.  During the 51 days that a cyber criminal is on your network, they are gaining access to your way of doing business.  They may directly steal valuable information like payment information and trade secrets, or they may simply learn your patterns of communication so they can send out emails “on your behalf” requesting additional private information or payment for services (only to have those payments go into the criminal’s bank account).  They may even use this information against your company in the form of a phishing campaign, by learning your firm’s organizational structure and then contacting employees, as the boss.

What does a cyber breach really cost?

Loss of control over your data is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the damage that can be done.  You may not even realize that someone is on your network, while they are using your resources to conduct illegal business, eventually implicating you as an accessory to a crime.

Or maybe, they harvest your files for information, but instead of doing damage immediately, which you would undoubtedly recognize, they sell your information as initial access brokers (IABs).  These criminals then sell the data on the cybercrime underground, over, and over and over again.

If a ransomware gang is involved, and yes that is a profession that is growing in popularity, you may be on the hook for a large sum of money to decrypt your data.  Beware of opting to pay the ransom, you may not get what you pay for.  After all, these are criminals we’re talking about.  Do you really think they will do what they say they will.

Finally, you may or may not be able to salvage your company’s reputation after a breach.  Research shows that roughly 60% of small- and medium-sized business would shut their doors within 6 months of a data breach.

So, what can you do about it?

  • Are you hiding your head in the sand, while cybercriminals are hiding on your network?
  • Do you feel that your business is too small to land on the radar of cyber attackers?
  • Are your financial resources limited, so other things take precedent over cybersecurity?

You are not alone but you are definitely putting your business at risk.  An increasing trend for cybercrime is to prey on SMBs.  This is because they don’t implement strong cybersecurity infrastructure and have limited staff maintaining their technology.  After all, the “big guys” have a lot more resources to put in place, making an intrusion more difficult.  They also have cyber security support in place to detect an intrusion sooner, minimizing the exposed data.

file foldersIs there anything that can be done about it? Do you need to go back to paper and pen contracts? Doing business in-person only. You know, going back to doing business like it was done in the previous century?  While that may be tempting, it is not the reality any longer and businesses of all types are relying more and more on technology to work smarter, not harder.   The real answer is that you need to seek the advice and cyber security support from an MSP, like DCNC.  We can deploy a multilayered approach to minimize your vulnerability, train your staff to ensure they are not the weak link, and remediate any incidents that may occur.


Often, small to medium-sized businesses view cybersecurity measures like the extended warranty on a TV.  It’s an added expense that won’t ever get used.  However, DCNC’s proactive approach to securing your network is more like a security blanket to help you sleep at night.  Call us today, 303-920-9472, to learn more about CompleteCare with ProSafe, for Network Security. You can also learn more by clicking here.