Dana Edgerton

When I graduated from the University of Reno, Nevada with a Marketing degree, I pictured myself running a large advertising company in New York City, wearing some killer heels and having my driver taking me all over to meet my clients. And while I’m hoping this may be happening in an alternate universe, the “Dana” on this cosmos has found a passion in working with people in solution-driven environments.

Over the last 20+ years, I have partnered with various industries to thoughtfully and successfully move their organizations forward on short- and long-term goals. From heavy civil proposal execution to project management, to new homes sales and IT managed services, I have demonstrated that successful partnerships come from authenticity at every turn, top-notch customer service and a win-win mindset. These are just a few qualities that drew me to join the DCNC team in 2022 – and has me enthusiastic to make sure you know this team too.

Outside of those college years, Colorado has been my home and it has been the perfect place for me to raise two kids with my husband, a good ole Iowa boy). We are a very active family, and you can usually find us traveling, spending time on the lake, working on a project around the house (my husband is a contractor so I abuse that as often as I can) having dance offs in the kitchen or pampering our golden-doodle Charlotte, aka “Charlie”. And yes, I do still find those times to rock some killer heels.