Before you get hung up on the date of this posting, please know that this is NOT an April Fool’s joke. cyber security is no laughing matter. Cybercriminals are refining their tactics and cyber attacks are on the rise.  Are you prepared?

Anyone over the age of 30 probably remembers the fear and panic that was generated by the phrase “Y2K”.  World-wide, the tech experts warned of the pending disaster when computers tried to enter the new millennium.  The reality was that it was a non-event, mostly because companies invested a great deal of time planning and preparing for the possibilities.  This had the potential to be a global cyber security event.  It was during this time that DCNC became a leader in providing IT support in the Denver area.

These days the phrase that should be getting business owners’ attention is “cybersecurity”.  It seems that every week we hear about another cyber threat; another company that has suffered a data breach, or a ransomware attack holding systems that control everything from oil pipelines and employee paychecks hostage.  Recent world events and threats from foreign governments have put cybersecurity into the common vernacular.  Did you know that iPhones now have an application on them that links to the other apps on your phone and notifies you if that company has been involved in a breach, and if your credentials could have been compromises?

If cybersecurity has become such a common term, why then, do these statics exist?  The fact is that 60% of SMBs go out of business within six months of a cyberattack.  Yet so many do nothing to prepare for a cybersecurity event.

cyber security risks

Infographic of key cyber security risks that small to mid-sized businesses are failing to address, courtesy of ConnectWise

Even as a small to midsize business, your company, employee and customer data is your life blood. Imagine the damage to your reputation of your clients tax return information is exposed.  Or what would happen if sensitive information about a legal proceeding were compromised?  These are real situations that cripple your reputation and impact your business’s bottom line. Many SMBs don’t think they are large enough to land on the radar of the threat actors.  This author is here to tell you, if you’re thinking along those lines, so is a cyber criminal.  SMB’s technologies are increasing being used as “gateways” into larger systems.  The payment information on your system can be the crack in the door into a financial institutions data.

It’s too late to find out about your vulnerabilities after a breach has occurred.  DCNC is in the business of providing IT support, including cyber threat protection in the Denver metro and greater Front Range area.  By running a security risk assessment, we can IDENTIFY the areas of vulnerability and DETECT possible intrusions.  In the event of a breach, and some experts warn that it is not a matter of if you will be involved in a breach- but when, we have a full arsenal of tools to RESPOND and if necessary RECOVER data following the incident.

In addition, because upwards of 95% of all breaches are caused by human error, we have a robust, multi-layered cyber security awareness training program to address the human element.

This is not a Y2K scenario.  The threat is real, and it is ever changing and you need expert IT support by your side to protect your business data.  Call us today, 303-920-9472, or visit the Complete Care webpage to request an consultation for a cyber security risk assessment.  DCNC is here to provide that IT support in the greater Denver area.

And if you decide not to take a proactive approach to prevent being effected by a cyber security event, read more about what you need to have in place to respond to when something happens from our partners at ConnectWise,