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John Hardon

In 1998 I joined a small start-up computer network design company, DCNC Inc.  At the time, we were a 4 person team designing networks for small businesses in the north metro area.  Prior to that I worked in the banking industry, both in the daily operations and IT department of a local bank.  Before that I worked in the food service industry and owned a small pizza business.  In 2015, I became the president of DCNC, inc., now a company of over 20 employees that meets the computer network needs of businesses of all sizes, nationwide.
While not a true Colorado native, having moved from southern California as a 5-year old, the Denver area has always been home to myself and my family.  My wife of almost 35 years (and high school sweetheart) and I have raised 2 smart, active and unique boys. Our oldest, Ryan, works in the IT industry and competes in world bearding competitions.  Our youngest, Steven, utilizes his degree in business administration for a corporate housing company and continues to play on multiple sports teams.  Since both boys have bought their own homes and have started lives of their own, Stephani and I downsized from our big two-story house in Thornton to a great house in Fort Collins. This was our goal since we left Fort Collins after she graduated from Colorado State University.  We love attending CSU events and becoming part of a new community.  While I am very proud of both my boys and enjoy talking sports and beer with them, they claim that my favorite child actually has four legs; our Golden Retriever, Winnie. 
My expectation is that DCNC will provide extraordinary service to our clients and meet or exceed the high expectations that we set for ourselves, while maintaining the family-oriented feel that we strive to cultivate on a regular basis.  If there is ever a time when we fail to do this, please feel free to contact me.