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Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

ProCare takes a proactive approach to identify and address little problems before they become big issues that impact the efficiency of your daily work.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
With 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance, your system’s always up-to-date with the most current security patches.  In addition, most issues can be resolved remotely.  If an issue arises that requires an onsite technician, that person comes with in-depth knowledge of the status of your device.
Over 2000 server monitors automatically applied to your network, based on your server’s configuration.  This minimizes the time (and expense) of an onsite technician.
Antivirus Software
Our state-of-the-art solution offers a unique blend of layered, multi-vector protection to secure users and devices against modern attacks.  It addresses threats from email, web browsing, file attachments, hyperlinks, pop-up ads, social media apps, and external devices such as USB drives.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

ProVault provides a fast, reliable, award winning backup and recovery solution, at an affordable price.  This service eliminates downtime and data loss due to human error, the inevitable server crash, ransomware attacks, and natural disasters.

Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery
ProVault backs up your physical servers and virtual machines to a small local device before replicating the data to a secure cloud environment.  In the event that a server crashes, or even if a file is accidentally deleted, it can quickly be restored from a recent back up.
Ransomware Mitigation
No need to pay the ransom in the event of a ransomware attack.  ProVault quickly recovers your operations by restoring a clean, uninfected version of your files, applications and sytems.
Bare Metal Restore
You have the ability to restore to a virual server or a hardware configuration different from the original hardware, for ease of recovery after a disaster.

Network Security

ProSafe is a multi-layered, proactive approach to ensuring that your network is as protected as possible.  A wide-range of profiles are employed to identify specific gaps in protection and recommend corrective action as needed.

Risk Tolerance Defined Profiles
There will always be some level of risk in today’s cyber landscape.  ProSafe defines what acceptable risk is for you and your business, and monitors the behavior on your network to keep you within your parameters.
Multi-factor Authentication
Given that passwords are notoriously the weak link in the chainmail armor protecting your network, multi-factor authentication applications and protocols add additional protection to secure log-ins.
Managed DNS and Firewalls
Protection powered by Cisco Umbrella and SonicWall firewalls, provides a trusted barrier between your internal network and an untrusted external network, such as malicious sites on the Internet.
Security Awareness Training
Ongoing training to educate your employees on cybersecurity risks and raise their awareness of cyber threats maximizes their assistance in protecting the company’s resources from cybercriminals.

Email Security

ProComm is our state-of-the-art email security protection for business, powered by Barracuda that provides end-to-end protection of your business email.

Inbound and Outbound Filtering
ProComm quickly filters and sanitizes every email before it is delivered to protect against malware, spam and phishing attacks.
Email Continuity
Even in the event that you experience hardware or network failure, you can still access your valuable email communication.
100% Cloud-based

No hardware or software to manage.


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Having strategic IT guidance at the executive level can be invaluable.  Leverage our virtual CIO to help keep you up to date with industry best practices and with everything from budgeting, road mapping, growth planning, risk management, business continuity and disaster planning, to Cloud planning and transition.   With CompleteCare, our executives become your executives!


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Cybersecurity protects not only your data but also your reputation.  It is estimated that 60% of small to midsized businesses go out of business within 6 months of a cyber attack.  Even if sensitive data is not compromised, client confidence is undermined.  It is also a fact that 90% of all cyber attacks originate from human error.  Let us help you put a multi-layered plan in place to protect your valuable assets and train your staff to become your greatest ally rather than your largest threat.
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Your employees are your greatest asset and your technology investment isn’t complete until your users are proficient in its features.  Our certified trainer will customize training to meet your needs so you always get the best value for your training dollar.  Visit our Training page for more detailed information.
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There is really no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud computing.  The majority of businesses are using some form of cloud computing for their current workload.  We can help you find the best answer for your business.  Visit our Cloud Computing page for more information.

Network Design & Configuration

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Whether you’re starting a new office, moving your existing office, or need assistance with maximizing your current technology environment, our experienced team can help you plan and implement the most cost effective, efficient and secure environment.

Do you have a new employee?  We can customize each individual’s profile so that they have the tools they need to efficiently do their job, while safeguarding sensitive data and resources.

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After over 20 years in business, in the Denver Metro and greater Front Range area, and with thousands, if not millions of man hours of IT Support experience, our top-notch staff has experience with more applications than can possibly be listed here.  If you have a particular application that you just can not do business without, there is a good chance we have supported it before and can support it for you.

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