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We have extensive experience with law firms from all practice areas.  This makes us uniquely qualified to understand the security and operational challenges associated with a successful legal practice.  Client data security and efficient document management are just two areas we can address.

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Keep All Your Sensitive Information Private

Managed IT services from DCNC, Inc. is an incredibly important investment that all law firms need to add to their daily operations. This type of cybersecurity from our Front Range organization is critical to not only making daily work on your company computers easy, but also to protect the integrity of your important files. Your law firm undoubtedly deals with sensitive information as a part of daily business, including client personal data, case files, pieces of evidence, strategy documents, and more. DCNC, Inc. ‘s CompleteCare managed IT services program is more than capable of protecting all of this data just in case anything goes south. As the popular saying goes, technology is only great when it works, and you can count on us to avoid any potential hiccups! Check out all the benefits and features of our proactive program with contact service and unwavering support.

Get High-Quality Managed IT Assistance During Emergencies

Aside from making sure your law firm’s internet runs smoothly everyday, DCNC, Inc. CompleteCare package also provides the right managed IT services in Denver to deal with emergencies. Our program is designed to tackle everything from daily use of the internet to email verification, antivirus software, and general network security. However, should your computers or files be attacked by ransomware or anything else of the sort, our managed ITs service also includes full backups and disaster recovery. Our fast, reliable, award-winning recovery systems restore uninfected copies of your field and data should you encounter any type of cybersecurity emergency. Don’t lose any critical client or case information during an IT mishap and let CompleteCare improve your law firm’s everyday operations.

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  • User-friendly
  • Proven Reliability
  • Customizable
  • Highly Compatible
  • Low Cost
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  • Makes image-based documents text searchable
  • Allows you to select, copy and paste text
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  • Case management
  • Client intake
  • Billing
  • Cloud-based
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  • Automated document management
  • Google-like interface
  • Mobile-ready
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  • Track your time easily
  • Bill exactly the way you want to
  • Secure your billing information
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Cloud computing
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