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Lauren is DCNC’s Office Administrator- you may recognize her name from her monthly invoice emails!

Lauren oversees the administrative side of DCNC- primarily financial, invoicing and HR. Lauren has past experience as a firm administrator for a law firm and is pleased to continue working with so many law firms, though she is eternally grateful to never have to work with TimeSlips again!

Lauren is a Colorado native and one of her passions is hiking- all over Colorado and beyond! She likes to combine her love of travel and hiking and has taken hiking trips to Utah, Washington, Nevada, Canada, Belize and Guatemala. Next up is a trip to Iceland in April! On the weekends you will find Lauren spending time with her husband (she and her husband were married last summer) and their dog, a terrier named Jeff Bridges. They just bought their first house near Cherry Creek State Park and are regulars at the dog park there. Being a homeowner weekends are now often filled with projects at home which allows Lauren to hone her DIY skills. Lauren loves to read and has an encyclopedic knowledge of King of the Hill episodes. Her favorite type of music is 1950’s classics, especially Sam Cooke and Etta James. She also really enjoys cooking- her jalapeno cheddar cornbread received great acclaim at this year’s DCNC chili cook-off!

5 Ways to be Cyber Secure at Work

Businesses face significant financial loss when a cyber attack occurs. In 2019, the U.S. business sector had 17% increase in data breaches: 1,473 breaches.1 Cybercriminals often rely on human error—employees failing to install software patches or clicking on malicious...

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Securing Your Digital Home

More and more of our home devices—including thermostats, door locks, coffee machines, and smoke alarms—are now connected to the Internet. This enables us to control our devices on our smartphones, no matter our location, which in turn can save us time and money while...

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Online Privacy

The Internet touches almost all aspects of our daily lives. We are able to shop, bank, connect with family and friends, and handle our medical records all online. These activities require you to provide personally identifiable information (PII) such as your name, date...

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Why Add Cloud Backup

  Many business owners using Office 365 believe that their data is totally secure. The reality, however, is a different story. Although Microsoft offers many benefits in productivity, efficiency, and collaboration with Office 365, the company doesn’t provide users...

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Terrific Tricia

“Efficient and got me working again quickly.” “Fast and efficient” “Very helpful” These are just a few of the things clients are saying about one of our newest field technicians, Tricia Farnsworth. Tricia joined the DCNC family in December and hit the ground running....

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