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Lauren is DCNC’s Office Administrator- you may recognize her name from her monthly invoice emails!

Lauren oversees the administrative side of DCNC- primarily financial, invoicing and HR. Lauren has past experience as a firm administrator for a law firm and is pleased to continue working with so many law firms, though she is eternally grateful to never have to work with TimeSlips again!

Lauren is a Colorado native and one of her passions is hiking- all over Colorado and beyond! She likes to combine her love of travel and hiking and has taken hiking trips to Utah, Washington, Nevada, Canada, Belize and Guatemala. Next up is a trip to Iceland in April! On the weekends you will find Lauren spending time with her husband (she and her husband were married last summer) and their dog, a terrier named Jeff Bridges. They just bought their first house near Cherry Creek State Park and are regulars at the dog park there. Being a homeowner weekends are now often filled with projects at home which allows Lauren to hone her DIY skills. Lauren loves to read and has an encyclopedic knowledge of King of the Hill episodes. Her favorite type of music is 1950’s classics, especially Sam Cooke and Etta James. She also really enjoys cooking- her jalapeno cheddar cornbread received great acclaim at this year’s DCNC chili cook-off!

Meet Our Team: Matt Herm

Matt recently joined DCNC as our Trainer and Application Support Specialist. He has over 15 years of experience working in law firms and corporate legal departments and jokingly claims to have been “everything but an attorney!”  Some of his favorite roles have...

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Why Business Continuity?

What would happen to your business if your server crashed and did not come back up?   Certainly, you have some type of backup in place so you do not lose your important files. How long would it take to get replacement hardware, set up the new server, copy your files...

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Meet Our Team: Sam Granado

Field Engineer Sam the Man! Sam is a motivator who enjoys his work and has been in IT for 16 years.  He is dedicated to God and his family.  He served four years of active duty in the United States Marine Corps and deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. ...

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WEAR your Data!

Yep, you read that correctly. But no, it’s not what you think. It’s not a goofy jacket, a new watch, computer glasses, or a Virtual Reality headset. W.E.A.R. actually stands for Worldox Encryption at Rest. WEAR is one of the many amazing and very timely additions...

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Welcome to the DCNC blog!

DCNC has decided to begin producing a blog to highlight advances and trends in the IT industry, as well as updates about the company itself. You can expect a few posts a month where we will provide our opinions and insights into current market trends along with others...

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