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Matt recently joined DCNC as our Trainer and Application Support Specialist. He has over 15 years of experience working in law firms and corporate legal departments and jokingly claims to have been “everything but an attorney!”

 Some of his favorite roles have included overseeing the opening of a Denver office for a national law firm, designing and implementing a custom legal document and matter management system at a large healthcare payer, and working as a consultant and information scientist for a small, startup software company based out of the United Kingdom.

Outside of work, Matt has a wide variety of interests, including meditation, playing with his two dogs, and reading. His number-one passion these days is cycling – especially road biking, and his favorite training and travel partner is his father. They frequently race each other around Denver’s many bike paths, and they recently enjoyed riding a multi-day cycling tour of Maine together. Matt has even built his own, custom-fit bicycle at a co-op maker space in Boston called the Artisan’s Asylum. This project involved brazing together a steel frame and learning to lace up his own wheels. He also has some experience as a welder and blacksmith, having spent a summer as an apprentice at a local metal-working studio here in Denver. He says that physical activity and working with his hands, no matter whether it is by chopping vegetables or plasma-cutting holes in sheet metal, helps him relax after staring at computer screens most of the week.

Matt is also proud to be a million-miler at the young age of 35. What’s a million-miler, you ask?  It’s someone, like Matt, who has traveled a combined total of at least one million miles by crawling, walking, running, biking, driving, sailing, and flying (he hates swimming!). To put that in perspective, it would take more than 150 round-trip flights from New York to San Fransisco or roughly two trips from Earth to the moon and back to reach one million. Born and raised in Denver, Matt has been traveling since his early childhood on family vacations. He has visited all 50 states in the US in addition to “something like” 15 foreign countries. His most recent journey was an extensive road trip with stops in Seattle, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, and New York City. His favorite part of North America is the Pacific Northwest, but, if he could retire anywhere in the world, it would have to be in Peru. He fell in love with South America last spring when he and his dad hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and spent time living in a treehouse on the Amazon river. He speaks three languages in addition to English, and he is currently trying to teach himself Quechua – an indigenous language spoken in the Andean mountains of Peru and Bolivia. Being a life-long learner is what makes teaching and training others so enjoyable for Matt, and he is always eager to share and gain knowledge with others.

5 Tips for Working Remotely

5 Tech Tips for getting your workforce working remotely and keeping them secure Whether by choice or by government order, as COVID-19 continues to spread, companies have employees working from home. Here are some tech tips and tricks from DCNC, to help make the remote...

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Meet Our New Regional Sales Manager

Jeff Lindvall has been in technology sales for near twenty years now and enjoyed working in telecom, AV integration, cloud, software, and unified communications. As far as IT sales, he’s held almost every position imaginable. He...

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We All Share this One Single Planet Earth

Many people are guilty of not recycling their old and obsolete electronics. It’s never a good idea to dispose of your electronics in the garbage, in fact in Colorado it’s been illegal since 2013.   Instead, it should be disposed of in the proper way and through proper...

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Microsoft Office 2019

If you're not on Office365, you may be curious about  the newest release of Office from Microsoft. Here’s what you need to know for now: For starters, you won’t be forced to upgrade. Microsoft Office 2019 is a standalone, one-time purchase that does not receive...

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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam…

So, one morning, you log onto your computer, open your email, and find yourself staring at a bunch of undeliverable emails in your Inbox.  These emails were created and sent from your computer, or so it seems, and have bounced back from yonder destinations......giving...

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I know what you’ve been doing…

Now that we have your attention...   The following email text has been received by multiple contacts. Although the original email contains a user's accurate password, in the opening sentence, it has been verified that this action was not possible and no ill-effects...

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7 Red Flags to Reduce Cyber Attack

John Podesta fell for a phishing attack, which led to the release of a decade’s worth of emails. The hacker posed as Google and alerted Podesta to change his password because of suspicious activity on his account. By clicking on the link within the email, hackers were...

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Meet Our Team: Rachel Yanez

Rachel has been the Administrative Assistant and one of the dispatchers at DCNC for over 3 years. If you have ever called the office or help desk, you have probably spoken with her. Rachel also helps with ordering, inventory, billing and planning employee events. She...

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