Rachel has been the Administrative Assistant and one of the dispatchers at DCNC for over 3 years. If you have ever called the office or help desk, you have probably spoken with her.

Rachel also helps with ordering, inventory, billing and planning employee events. She came to us from Elitch Gardens where she worked first as the Reception Supervisor, then as the Administrator of the Maintenance Department. Being in the entertainment industry for 9 seasons was definitely fun and fast-paced.

Rachel has lived in the SW Littleton area for 24 years. She spent her high school days at Chatfield Senior High playing a variety of instruments in the marching band, singing in the choir, working in front and behind the curtain in the musicals and taking as many photography classes as possible. She continued her formal education at Metropolitan State College of Denver where she graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Science focusing in Colorado History with a minor in Psychology.

Her hobbies include crocheting blankets for her 26 cousins and their children, nail art, singing in her church choir and she recently began learning the ukulele. She has also been on several bowling teams and a nationally ranked pool team.

Who’s Lurking in Your Computer?

Who’s Lurking in Your Computer?

Why do you need to worry about getting cyber security support? According to recent data, SMBs with less than 250 people, are the target for cyber attackers to camp out on their systems for an average of 51 days.  That’s almost 2 months' worth of business data that is...

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3 Remote Work Security Tips

  Copied from our trusted source at Trend Micro Remote and hybrid work environments are here to stay, which means CISOs need to establish an effective security strategy for managing the expanding attack surface. Organizations can no longer afford (quite...

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DCNC Inc. Cloud Computing

DCNC Inc. Cloud Computing In an increasingly mobile world where workers are finding ways to work remotely in an efficient manner, security and accessibility are two factors of increasing importance. Employees and employers alike need to be able to quickly access files...

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Co-Managed IT- 4 Benefits

The complexity of business technology has increased to the point where most organizations today require somebody in-house with a technical skillset. Whether it's managing IoT technology, hardware maintenance, or specialized software, companies often need to have a...

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Cloud Backup

Why Office 365 Customers Need a Backup Solution   Many business owners using Office 365 believe that their data is totally secure. The reality, however, is a different story. Although Microsoft offers many benefits in productivity, efficiency, and collaboration...

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Why Wait For A Security Breach?

Today’s digital age is ripe with people looking to take advantage of weak systems.  From Remote Monitoring and Maintenance to Backup and Disaster Recovery, we provide around the clock IT support services to ensure what you want to be kept safe, stays safe!

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9 Ways Your Employees Can Lead to a Breach

We all do it, use one set of login credentials everywhere on the web.  For work, for shopping, for banking; studies show that individuals reuse login credentials for at least 5 different applications.After all, we all have way too much to remember and the thought of...

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