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Network Security

Next-Generation Defense

Safeguard your network with multi-layered protection.
Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
Email Security

ProSafe Smart Network Security

None of us can be sure about what’s around the corner. On any given day, cyberthreats, natural disasters and human error threaten to disrupt normal business operations. DCNC’s ProSafe network security solution stands ready — providing day-and-night, multi-layered protection to keep your business up and running no matter what.


Firewall Security

Advanced security technologies strengthen the barrier between your internal network and external sites that may be unreliable.

Risk Behavior Models

Pre-configured profiles filter out network behavior within acceptable risk to more easily identify suspicious activity.

Multifactor Authentication

Requiring a combination of identity verification methods provides an additional layer of security.

Security Awareness Training

Regular training boosts threat awareness and empowers your staff with the know-how to recognize cybersecurity threats.


Business Continuity

Early detection stops threats before they can pose a problem.

Peace of Mind

Security operations center (SOC) provides 24/7/365 expert protection.

Advanced Security

Regular updates add up to a strong frontline defense.


Robust cybersecurity is a complex job. Successfully fending off today’s cybercriminals requires a combination of innovative technology and knowledgeable people.

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