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Co-Managed IT Services

Do More with Less

Let your IT staff focus on what they do best.
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Next-Gen Co-Managed IT Services

Effective managed IT isn’t a one-person job. Implementing necessary cybersecurity updates, maintaining strict compliance and ensuring network performance are just the tip of the modern technology iceberg. It’s no wonder so many businesses opt for some kind of outsourced IT support. Partner with DCNC for additional manpower working alongside your IT staff, filling in the gaps and freeing up resources.


Expert Consultation

Consider our team your trusted ally with the advanced skill sets and real-world experience that can ensure your technology supports your business goals.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

We can plan, implement and test a comprehensive business continuity plan to protect your IT infrastructure and digital assets.

24/7/365 Help Desk Support

Let us monitor your network and perform routine maintenance. Our IT experts can handle the day-to-day tech support while your staff manages tickets requiring escalation.

Strategic Decision Support

Our expert IT staff and cyber engineers can provide sound analysis and actionable information you can use when making critical and costly tech decisions.


Drive Growth

Move beyond day-to-day tasks and focus on big-picture business goals.

Boost Morale

Support staff with tools that make them successful and productive

Reduced Costs

Get expert support and know-how at a cost below fully managed IT service contracts.


Outsourced IT support can provide the best of both worlds — more productivity and reduced costs.

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Whether you’re looking for everyday tech support or advanced infrastructure management, we can build a custom plan around your staffing and operational needs.