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Virtual CIO

Strategic, C-Suite IT Guidance

Drive growth with your own virtual chief information officer.
Co-Managed IT Services

Forward-Thinking Virtual CIO Services

Identifying and implementing the right technology takes time, effort and expertise. Consider your DCNC vCIO your trusted ally — driving your business forward with proven best practices, industry knowledge and a genuine desire to see you succeed.


A Dedicated Expert Consultant

Your vCIO takes the time to understand the risks and rewards before working with you to implement next-gen technologies.

Growth Assessment

A virtual CIO can assess your business, identify strengths and weaknesses, and build a strategic road map to reinforce your core competencies and fill in the gaps.

Cloud Planning and Transitioning

Partner with your vCIO to plan a seamless cloud migration that limits business disruption — prioritizing what data moves first and transitioning in stages.

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

Your vCIO can prepare your business for the unexpected with processes and procedures that safeguard critical data and applications before, during and after a disaster.


Drive Growth

Strategic, long-term planning creates opportunities for future wins.

Gain Competitive Edge

Innovative tools help you gain momentum

Reduce Costs

Long-range technology budgets reduce unnecessary spending.


More and more business owners are turning to vCIOs for an objective, holistic look at business operations and long-term strategic planning.

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