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Yep, you read that correctly. But no, it’s not what you think. It’s not a goofy jacket, a new watch, computer glasses, or a Virtual Reality headset. W.E.A.R. actually stands for Worldox Encryption at Rest. WEAR is one of the many amazing and very timely additions coming soon to the award-winning Worldox document management system. Being able to encrypt your data at rest (while not in use) is an important added layer of security in today’s world.

Last week I had the privilege to attend the Worldox annual reseller conference in Phoenix, AZ where we got to see a preview of WEAR by Senior Vice President Fred Grossman. Fred is also the creator and main brain behind WEAR. In fact, if it were up to Fred, it would be called FEAR, or Fred Encryption at Rest. However FEAR your Data, might send the wrong message.

In as much as fearing your data isn’t quite right, it’s the healthy fear of protecting your data that leads us to the importance of real-time file-level encryption at rest. Data encryption has been around for years of course, but with all the news of recent hacks and data breaches, it has now come to the forefront. And while the technical details of encryption are mind-numbingly complex, on a basic level, data encryption scrambles all of the files on your server’s hard drives and they can only be unscrambled by someone who holds the “key” to do so.   As a result, if someone were to attempt to steal your data, either by hacking in, or physically running away with your server, they would be unable to read any of the scrambled data left behind.

So while watching the preview of WEAR, even though much of the activity occurs on the backend, I was impressed with how well it worked and how seamlessly it integrated into Worldox.  With as complex and cumbersome as data encryption can be, Worldox using their unique approach overcomes this typical burden and keeps it user-friendly in the process.  

Worldox CIO Rebecca Sattin perhaps sums it up best in a recent interview when asked: “What makes WEAR stand out from other Encryption Systems?” She answers with “End users will continue to access documents the same way they did before. However, if data is removed from the file system outside of the Worldox interface, it will be unreadable. We are combining our advanced technology with our user-friendly and familiar interface to provide encryption at rest in such a way that it does not compromise the user’s convenience.”

As the saying goes… “There are two types of companies: Those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked.” In today’s world, it really is simply a matter of time. So Security today truly needs to be a multi-layered approach. Thanks to Worldox and WEAR, firms will now have one more layer to protect what is arguably their most valuable asset.

So protect yourself…. and WEAR your data!!

Derek Burnham
Vice President
DCNC, Inc.

Worldox actually had a few exciting announcements at this year’s conference in addition to WEAR. Watch for a future blog post detailing the new Worldox Connect, and Indexer running as a service product updates.

If you wish to learn more about the award-winning Worldox document management system, and/or their new WEAR addition to the product, please contact DCNC today and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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